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Proof of an afterlife for animals!


B. Cat Stone

Yes, your furry friend goes to Pet Heaven! This ebook contains an amazing true tale which offers convincing evidence that, when they leave us, pets go to a wonderful paradise, our bond of love with them continues, and we can communicate with them. It's the story of the author and her cat, Snoopee. He proved their forever friendship by talking from Heaven and "sending' her an incredible gift! Available exclusively at


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Since writers began chiseling words on stone many have been soothed by a furry companion, a "mews." The touch of a paw, a lick, an understanding look, or just a friendly spirit sitting wordlessly nearby, might have made the difference between terminal writer's block and a litter-ary masterpiece! This series offers a look at several famous 19th and 20th century authors and the beloved pets that comforted and inspired them.

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A series about famous authors
and their beloved pets...

"...The power of love is indeed eternal...The book is chock full of all kinds of informative help and guidance which supports that belief...very well written."  —Father Frank M.

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Pet tales with a happy ending!


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About this series...

Litter-ary pets

and the authors

who loved them.

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"It is a wonderful and thorough book, and your description of your life with your cats will resonate with many animal lovers. Your account of and tips for coping with the loss of an animal companion as well as communicating with them will be very helpful too. " —Marianne Soucy,

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